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Well it’s been about one year since I got married. August 21st to be exact. I wanted to give my husband something personal for our one year, so I made him cufflinks with photographs that I took from special moments that we shared. In this photograph you can see a total of four cufflinks. Only two are for my husband and the other two will go in my online store. The two cufflinks I gave him are the shadow images of us . The one on the bike has a special memory for me because we had gone to Sweden to visit his parents. It was a beautiful spring afternoon and we decided to ride our bikes around. My tire had lost air and so I had to hop on the back of the bike. He rode me all the way home and here is the photo I shot as I enjoyed the ride back. The other photo was when we took a day trip to the beach. It was a lovely day spent together.

The turquoise cufflinks is a photograph of a turquoise piece of wood. I found the texture to be really beautiful. The other cufflinks are a photograph of a piano. This piano has an image of seahorses laid into the wood. These cufflinks are perfect for a musician. You can find these in my shop www.eveseye.etsy.com

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