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There’s a good reason why I haven’t been blogging. About two weeks ago my cats decided to have a wrestling match, which then knocked over our Britta water jug. It so happened that my laptop was sitting on the table where the Britta was. Yes call me stupid, but I always put the water back in the kitchen. My husband likes to have it close to him while he watches television. That night I did not put the jug back in the kitchen which then resulted in my computer getting drenched in water. It sat all night in a pool of water and well I think you can imagine my reaction when I woke up to find my laptop wet and not working. I started to freak out because like most people I didn’t back up any of my files. The thought of losing all my work was frightening. So I did what most people would do and let it dry out to see if it would work in a day or two. As time went on the computer still did not work so I took it in to get repaired. Luckily they could fix the problem, which had something to do with the magsafe board (?). In the end I paid about 268 euros to get the computer up and running again.So the lesson learned is do not leave any liquids near by your computer unattended! Oh and back up your files.

Now everything is up and running again and I’ve made some new photo pendant and cuff links which I will try and upload soon.