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As you might know by now I love making jewelry. I used to be really in to beaded creations, but I recently picked up the art of creating photo jewelry. I think my style is not the typical photo pendant style where you add a photograph of a loved one. I mean there is nothing wrong with that style, but I really want to convey a unique look and feel. I have different styles of photography which can range from my Brownie Hawkeye, 35mm digital, or even my hipstamatic iPhone photos. Today I want to share the Hipstamatic photo pendants, cuff links, and rings that I’ve created. The Hipstamatic images can really give the jewelry a magical feel to it with its bright colors and contrast. So here are a few of my Hipstamatic creations. If you’re interested in seeing more of my photo jewelry then check out my online shop here.

 a.) Paris Photo                      b.) Chicago Bridge                 c.) Tree Of Love