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For the last few months I have walked by a restaurant called Neptune off of Rue Lesbroussart. I love the look and feel this restaurant gives off, which had sparked my interest to try this place out. So I called and made a reservation and managed to book the last table available on Friday night. Its a tiny space with limited seating and has a rustic feel to it. When you walk in you see the entire space including the tiny little kitchen. I was amazed how the chef managed to produce all the meals in such a compact space.

Neptune Neptune, 48 Rue Lesbroussart, Brussels, Belgium

To start we had a coupe du champagne and awaited what was to come. You see there’s a set menu and you get what is being served that evening. I guess you have to be open minded about the possibility of being served something that you’re not used to.

The first item that was presented to us was a sea urchin siting all alone on a white plate. At first we weren’t sure how to approach this dish, but then we were told to lift the urchin and to our surprise was a tiny little savory byte of sea urchin with a green sauce. This was just to tickle our palate, and that it did. Visually it was exciting and it made us interact with the food. All our senses were awoken and ready for more.

Following that we had a wonderful soup served with a scallop on the side. The most interesting aspect of this was that the scallop was sitting on what looked like a smoking prairie grass and sage. This gave the scallop a nice smoked flavor.

Next came a halibut fish served with broccoli stems. This dish was very light in flavor and fell a bit flat for me. It lacked salt, which would have made a big difference in the flavor. (sorry no photo)

Then came the reindeer, which I have had once and was not too keen about it. But this place changed my mind about that. It was by far the best dish we had. It was like fireworks in your mouth. There were so many flavors happening. The reindeer was served with poached beetroot and it just melded so nicely together.

For dessert we were served some sort of almond puree with a creamy yogurt like dish. It basically tasted like lemon pie. It was delicious! When it first came out it didn’t look so appealing, but once you tasted it, it made up for its lack of looks.


The final dish served was a poached pear with a sesame seed cracker. It was light and refreshing. I never thought that the sesame would go so well with the pear.

In all I think that Neptune was a great place, we had great service, and a wonderful food experience. They took risks and gave us a unique food experience. Please note that I may not have given the right description of what we ate since I am still learning french and some words are still new to me. But I will attach a photo of the menu and if you can read french then you’ll know exactly what we had.

All photos were taken with my phone and so I apologize for the dark colors.