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I’ve been lacking on my posts here, but there is good reason for that. We recently moved to a new home and that has taken up a lot of my time. From boxing to unpacking and trying to keep track of my cats in the new place can be exhausting.

For those of you who have cats this will make total sense. But for those who don’t let me share with you how curiosity killed the cat…Not literally.

I have two cats. One who is about 6 years old and the other who is one years old. The one year old is extremely curious and wanted to check out the highest places in the house. I’m okay with that. I think they need to learn their new home, and once they do they will then leave it alone. Maldini (one year old) decided to go above the kitchen cabinets and have a look. Little did I know there was a hole up there that led down to the kitchen tile. Just as I saw his little tail sticking out as he was jumping down I yelled “no Maldini!”. I knew then and there there was no way out. I grabbed the bar stool and jumped up on the counter to see what was there. There was no sign of Maldini when I took a look. Little Maldis was already running around under the cabinets.  I tried to see if there was any way out from the ground, but there was no way out. I called my husband freaking out. I told him we are going to have to cut the baseboard to get him out. He told me to calm down. He suggested that I lure a basket down the hole to get him out. I thought he was crazy for suggesting that. What cat will get in a basket and let me pull him up!

Meanwhile, Maldini was crying and trying to jump up to get out. I tried everything to get him out except for trying the basket. I finally gave in and took two wire hangers and connected them since I didn’t have any string and lured the basket down. At first Maldini started to scratch the basket, but then he got in and curled himself up and waited. I started to pull him up, the wire felt like it could give at any moment. I was like lord give me strength to pull this cat up! And as he reached the top he sat in the basket and didn’t jump out. He was so calm and I saved my kitty!  I’m still amazed that he sat in the basket and let me pull him up.