Wood Oval Photo Pendant Necklaces Now At Eve’s Eye


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I’m excited to say that the new wood oval photo pendants are now in the store!! I really like the design of this necklace. It’s simple, organic, and elegant at the same time. Check them out!



Eve’s Eye | 2012 Jewelry Look Book


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I’ve been working on a few things lately as a wait patiently for my new supplies to come in. I updated my logo, and have been working on some new packaging ideas. Along with that I want to expand my jewelry sales from the internet to boutiques. So I made a cute and short look_book to send out to people. Hopefully I can expand a bit and get some more exposure. So here it is! Enjoy.

Click here: look_book

Champagne Anyone?


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A while back my husband and I did a road trip to the Epernay Valley in France. It’s truly an amazing place. Green fields of grapes covered the landscape. We stopped at a little boutique shop with a little old lady who rand the store. We bought a few bottles of champagne. I took a picture of this sign before we headed on our way. I love the neon sign set against this rustic building. 

New Website!


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While I was feeling a bit unmotivated the last couple of months I did manage to create a wordpress website with the photocrati layout for Eve’s Eye. I’m no web guru by any means, but I think I did okay with my basic knowledge. There are a few things that I am not happy with but I couldn’t change certain things due to the photocrati layout. For instance I’d love to have my logo to be larger and to have more product view options for the store. I would like people to see the jewelry from different angles, but you’re only allowed one photo. With that said I’m glad I tried it out and I will probably change the site in the future. For now though this will have to do. I still have my Etsy shop and that won’t change.

Time Flies


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Okay, I must say that I have been a bad blogger. But I have good reason for my lack of writing.

It was in November that I flew back home to the U.S. for Thanksgiving. Around that time I had been feeling really tired and not sure why. I just couldn’t keep my eyes open! It’s the worst feeling in the world, especially when you feel like you have a lot to do and no energy to do anything. So I figure I’ll get some much needed rest and come back to Brussels refreshed to get back into the groove. Boy was I wrong. Two days into my trip back home I still didn’t feel right. I then realized that I had missed my monthly friend. So my cousin and I went to the local Walgreens and picked up a three pack of pregnancy tests. Sure enough the line appeared. I was in total shock, but excited to start a family. I was also disappointed because I had made plans to go back to America and eat all the foods that I can’t get here in Belgium. I especially was craving sushi, but that never happened. I also made plans to go out and meet up with friends that I had not seen in a very long time, but that was canceled due to my inability to drink and I also wanted to keep the pregnancy a secret.

For the last couple of months I have had no motivation or energy to do anything. It’s true, when you’re pregnant the first couple of months are rough. But now I have my energy back and I’m ready to introduce some new photo necklaces that I will be putting in the shop soon.

For now that’s all folks!

Wood Photo Pendants Coming Soon!


Christmas Is Coming Soon!


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I’m starting to see all sorts of Christmas items being put in the stores, which excites me! I love Christmas especially all the things that come with it such as food, lights and decorations. And most importantly spending time with loved ones.

For Christmas this year I designed a holiday card for my photo jewelry, where I am offering free shipping when you buy two or more items from my shop! Heck I’ll even throw in free gift wrapping if you ask for it.

With that said I hope you take advantage! Happy shopping! www.eveseye.etsy.com

Curiosity Killed The Cat


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I’ve been lacking on my posts here, but there is good reason for that. We recently moved to a new home and that has taken up a lot of my time. From boxing to unpacking and trying to keep track of my cats in the new place can be exhausting.

For those of you who have cats this will make total sense. But for those who don’t let me share with you how curiosity killed the cat…Not literally.

I have two cats. One who is about 6 years old and the other who is one years old. The one year old is extremely curious and wanted to check out the highest places in the house. I’m okay with that. I think they need to learn their new home, and once they do they will then leave it alone. Maldini (one year old) decided to go above the kitchen cabinets and have a look. Little did I know there was a hole up there that led down to the kitchen tile. Just as I saw his little tail sticking out as he was jumping down I yelled “no Maldini!”. I knew then and there there was no way out. I grabbed the bar stool and jumped up on the counter to see what was there. There was no sign of Maldini when I took a look. Little Maldis was already running around under the cabinets.  I tried to see if there was any way out from the ground, but there was no way out. I called my husband freaking out. I told him we are going to have to cut the baseboard to get him out. He told me to calm down. He suggested that I lure a basket down the hole to get him out. I thought he was crazy for suggesting that. What cat will get in a basket and let me pull him up!

Meanwhile, Maldini was crying and trying to jump up to get out. I tried everything to get him out except for trying the basket. I finally gave in and took two wire hangers and connected them since I didn’t have any string and lured the basket down. At first Maldini started to scratch the basket, but then he got in and curled himself up and waited. I started to pull him up, the wire felt like it could give at any moment. I was like lord give me strength to pull this cat up! And as he reached the top he sat in the basket and didn’t jump out. He was so calm and I saved my kitty!  I’m still amazed that he sat in the basket and let me pull him up.

The Ixelles Cemetery


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The other day I went to the cemetery in Ixelles. I find this place to be quite beautiful and peaceful. The most intriguing part about going there is that you can see headstones with old vintage photographs from the past. Who were these people, what did they do, how was their way of life?

Now that October is coming to a wrap I thought it would be nice to share these photos with you.

My Neptune Review


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For the last few months I have walked by a restaurant called Neptune off of Rue Lesbroussart. I love the look and feel this restaurant gives off, which had sparked my interest to try this place out. So I called and made a reservation and managed to book the last table available on Friday night. Its a tiny space with limited seating and has a rustic feel to it. When you walk in you see the entire space including the tiny little kitchen. I was amazed how the chef managed to produce all the meals in such a compact space.

Neptune Neptune, 48 Rue Lesbroussart, Brussels, Belgium

To start we had a coupe du champagne and awaited what was to come. You see there’s a set menu and you get what is being served that evening. I guess you have to be open minded about the possibility of being served something that you’re not used to.

The first item that was presented to us was a sea urchin siting all alone on a white plate. At first we weren’t sure how to approach this dish, but then we were told to lift the urchin and to our surprise was a tiny little savory byte of sea urchin with a green sauce. This was just to tickle our palate, and that it did. Visually it was exciting and it made us interact with the food. All our senses were awoken and ready for more.

Following that we had a wonderful soup served with a scallop on the side. The most interesting aspect of this was that the scallop was sitting on what looked like a smoking prairie grass and sage. This gave the scallop a nice smoked flavor.

Next came a halibut fish served with broccoli stems. This dish was very light in flavor and fell a bit flat for me. It lacked salt, which would have made a big difference in the flavor. (sorry no photo)

Then came the reindeer, which I have had once and was not too keen about it. But this place changed my mind about that. It was by far the best dish we had. It was like fireworks in your mouth. There were so many flavors happening. The reindeer was served with poached beetroot and it just melded so nicely together.

For dessert we were served some sort of almond puree with a creamy yogurt like dish. It basically tasted like lemon pie. It was delicious! When it first came out it didn’t look so appealing, but once you tasted it, it made up for its lack of looks.


The final dish served was a poached pear with a sesame seed cracker. It was light and refreshing. I never thought that the sesame would go so well with the pear.

In all I think that Neptune was a great place, we had great service, and a wonderful food experience. They took risks and gave us a unique food experience. Please note that I may not have given the right description of what we ate since I am still learning french and some words are still new to me. But I will attach a photo of the menu and if you can read french then you’ll know exactly what we had.

All photos were taken with my phone and so I apologize for the dark colors.